Quality Care From an Experienced Pain Management Physician

Dr. Joseph Schifini takes great pride in our team of dedicated and reliable health care professionals. Because of Dr. Schifini’s solid commitment to exceptional service, his patients often refer our clinic to others who require assistance with pain management.

Dr. Joseph Schifini

Joseph Schifini, M.D.

Dr. Schifini grew up in Southern Nevada. After graduating from the anesthesiology program at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) in 1997, he returned to his hometown to start his medical practice. While at UCI, he served as the chief resident and focused on pain management as his primary specialty. His current practice is focused on the proper diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders.

Why Work With Dr. Schifini

Dr. Schifini adds a personal touch to every patient encounter. He does not utilize physician assistants or nurse practitioners, commonly known as physician extenders. Dr. Schifini uses every available resource to explain and simplify the complexities of the patient's painful condition so that he or she understands their options and feels comfortable.

Patients leaving his office often comment on his personalized attention as well as his thoroughness in answering questions and addressing concerns. His dedication to examining all of a patient’s available options sets him apart from others in the industry.

Academic Affiliations

Dr. Schifini has academic affiliations with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine; University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine; and Touro University Nevada Medical School. He enjoys interacting with medical students and medical residents to enrich their educational experience.

He has given lectures, both locally and nationally, about the diagnosis and treatment of painful conditions. Dr. Schifini strives to remain on the cutting edge of his field, which is why he is recognized as one of the top pain management physicians.


American Board of Anesthesiology

American Board of Pain Medicine

American Academy of Pain Management