Let Our Team of Specialists Manage Your Pain the Proven Way

Dr. Joseph Schifini and Dr. Tomas Kucera and their experienced team of experts in Las Vegas, NV are dedicated to providing relief for both acute and chronic pain. Our team is certified by several organizations, so you can trust that we have the expertise to provide you the best pain management care.

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Suffering From Pain?

Approximately 90% of all illnesses and injuries are first noticed when individuals experience pain. Living in pain is not necessarily something that should be considered a natural or expected part of illness or aging. It can be treated, allowing you to return to your regular, active lifestyle.


Under our care, you will undergo a physical examination as well as a thorough check of your medical history. Our decision-making process is highly specialized and can often be provided in conjunction with our patients’ regular doctors, complementing ongoing medical care.

Our doctors treat many types of pain, including:

Musculoskeletal Pain

Head Pain

Neck Pain

Mid-Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Abdominal Pain

Arm Pain and Leg Pain Arising From Trauma

Automobile Accidents

Occupational Injuries

Sports-Related Injuries

Disease-Related Pain (i.e., Due to Cancer)

Don’t Let Pain Control Your Life!

How We Can Help

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of each patient and customize a treatment for their specific situation. Our treatments may include a combination of injection therapy, medical management, and physical or massage therapy, depending on each patient’s needs. For many cases, our team can eliminate or decrease pain to a tolerable level, which then improves patients’ lives.

If you would like to see if we can assist you with your painful condition, since we are a referral-based medical practice, have your health care provider fill out this referral form and forward requested data. We will review the provided information in an efficient manner, and, if appropriate, someone will contact you to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.

Service Areas

We offer our services to clients in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding states.